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প্রাক-বর্ষার অজয়

Ajay river flows through Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand & West Bengal. Celebrity artist Dibakar Das has been in love with the river for quite a while now. This photo series is a part of his attempt of capturing the ever-changing images of Ajay through the seasons.

Birds of Gitkolbong near Kalimpong

Gitkolbong is a relatively unknown travel destination near Kalimpong, West Bengal. Enjoy this beautiful place & its group of birds through Samrat's lenses!

Saranda Forest Diaries

Barajamda Railway Station Baraiburu Forest Rest House Baraiburu Bunglow Courtyward Tarantula at Baraiburu Forest Rest House Ligirda Watch Tower Bikram Jagate - The legend of Saranda Thalkobad Bunglow On the way...

বাংলার গাজনের মেলা

Kali Determination Devotion Reflection Preparation Stern Decoration Beauty Devotee Admire Gaze Prayer Wonder Gathering A thousand lights

পেডং-এ মায়া মাখা দু’দিন

সবুজ ঘেরা পাহাড়ে নৈ:শব্দের মধ্যে শান্তি খুঁজতে আর কাজের চাপ থেকে মন সরিয়ে নিজের সঙ্গে কিছুটা সময় কাটাবো বলে গত বছর মে মাসের শেষের...

Kumbh 2019

The Last Journey Glow of Faith Morning Mist Beginning Evening prayer Pose Abode Babajis Babaji Tandab Holy Dip Rest Subtly Join us Coming Flight Prayagraj

North Sikkim: Through my Lenses

North Sikkim: El Dorado North Sikkim: Wonderer North Sikkim: Gateway to Heaven North Sikkim: Divine Stairs North Sikkim: Dreams North Sikkim: Back to Reality

Oman – The Hidden Gem of Middle East

Muscat Grand Mosque, Oman Muscat Opera House, Oman Traditional Omani Camel Race, Muscat Traditional Omani Camel Race 2, Muscat Sur in Oman Sur Bridge, Oman Muscat Muttrah Corniche, Oman Ruins of...

Enigmatic Udaipur

রাজমহলের জৌলুস আর চাকচিক্য। পড়ন্ত বিকেলে সজ্জন গড় দূর্গে। মেঘলা দিনে ফতেসাগর হ্রদে রাজবাড়ির অন্দরমহলে পিছোলা হ্রদে নৌকা বিহারের পর উদয়পুর City Palace এর উদ্দেশ্যে। চিতোর গড়ের প্রধান প্রবেশ...

Gangoni – Grand Canyon of West Bengal

Located on the Silaboti river bank near Garbeta at Medinipore district in West Bengal, ‘Gangoni’ is a gorge stretched more than one kilometer. I came to know that the wonderful rock-carved formation had created due to natural erosion and weathering for a long period. The gorge about 60 – 75 feet deep is also called the ‘Grand Canyon of West Bengal’. Photography became more delightful to me while some interesting shapes of figures were found throughout the rock wall. As the wall looked blazing at early morning and late afternoon, so the place is named ‘Gangoni’.