A visit to Pelling


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “travel”- vacation? or meeting new people? or maybe instagrammable sunsets?

Travelling is a great way to realign and takes you out of your daily routine in a new surrounding and experience.

A year ago I visited Pelling which is a small hill town situated in the west of Sikkim. It’s a treacherous way from Siliguri, to our hotel at Pelling. 

It was a beaming and thrilling experience all together. At last  at dusk we arrived in Hotel Viewpoint. With a few hours of rest we thrived our way to the Rimbi Water Falls.

The river water falls from a moderately great height and near the plunge pool it has created the Khecheopalri Lake. From an elevation the lake appears to be in the shape of a foot. Therefore, it is believed to be a footprint of lord Shiva by the Hindus, and of goddess Tara by the Buddhists.

Then we came down to the Rimbi Orange garden where you can access oranges , walnut trees, vegetable plants and beautiful flowers.

From there we walked down to the Pemayangtse Monastery which is a Buddhist sanctum standing tall since 1705.

Proceeding forward, we went to the Singshore Bridge which is a suspension bridge connecting two hills.


Then catching a bug we made our way towards Ra Vangla also known as Namchi where in the outermost area stands a huge sculpture of lord Buddha.

But the foremost thing that I have missed out are the peaks of Kanchenjunga also called Sewalungma in local Limbu language, translates as ‘Mountain that we offer Greetings to’ was clearly seen from the viewpoints of the hotel.

The visit to Pelling was an outstanding expedition as it is one of the best planes to visit in Sikkim.


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